Obama Trip Special Series

The musicians from DJARARA went in force to DC for the Obama Inauguration
to bring the traditional music of the New World's first free black republic to honor America's first black president.
The filmmakers went along to document the journey and posted this mini-series daily:


1.15.09: Obama Trip Webisode 1

A few days away from the band's trip to DC for the Obama Inauguration,
the band rehearses a special jam to play on the Washington Mall.


1.18.09 Obama Trip Webisode 2


The band packs up and journies from Brooklyn to D.C.


1.19.09 Obama Trip Webisode 3


The Band's first day in DC - MLK Day - making a pilgrimage to the Lincoln Memorial

1.20.09 Inauguration Day part 1 (Webisode 4)


The Day! Watching the Inauguration, and finding the band rocking the crowd.


1.20.09 Inauguration Day part 2 (Webisode 5)


After the Ceremony - the jam intensifies and moves to the National Monument.
Interviews with amazed "Fanatiques."


Press from the trip:

A number of press outlets covered the band's presence, including the above picture on CNN.com,
the Haitian Times (cover story), and many blogs. you can see more on the flickr page.